Tag: portraits

Angèle Ferreux-Maeght

Parisian chef Angèle Ferreux-Maeght cooks food for people with love and intention, laying the foundation for good health, holism and happiness.

Lindsey Tramuta

Journalist, author, and blogger Lindsey Tramuta on being at the intersection of French-American culture and how it informs her reflections on the evolution of Parisian city life.

Mary Scherpe

Stil in Berlin creator opens up about the values that shape the decisions she makes for her blog.

Lillie O’Brien

Creator of London Borough of Jam reflects on her calling and the importance of authenticity.


A story about the healing power of going natural and connecting with your roots.

Leitha Matz

Drawing from a culinary expert’s deep knowledge about sourcing ingredients to create food that’s easy to understand.