Dalad Kambhu’s Jim Jaew

This is one of the recipes I loved when I was younger, Jim Jaew, which means sliced grilled beef with tamarind sauce. When I was growing up, there were some Thai restaurants importing beef from Europe or America. They made (and still make) the dish with this kind of [imported] steak and this same kind of stewy, spicy tamarind dressing. Since we are here [in Berlin] and there is amazing beef onglet, why don’t we use it? Obviously in Thailand it’s spicier, and usually the beef is thick and not tender like the onglet is.

2 tablespoons tamarind juice/pulp

1 tablespoon palm sugar

2 tablespoons fish sauce

1 tablespoon lime juice

1 teaspoon dried chili 

A small amount of long coriander/phak chee farang, chopped finely


Beef, preferably onglet

Salad or greens of your liking

Rice powder for garnish



• For the sauce: Mix all together and taste it. If it’s too sweet, too salty, or too sour, adjust accordingly by adding more lime juice, or tamarind juice/pulp, et cetera.

• Marinate the beef in some Thai herbs, salt, pepper, and oil.

• Pan-sear the beef, slice it, and then toss it with the dressing.

• Plate it with salad or greens of your liking.

• Garnish with a sprinkling of roasted rice powder, for more fragrance and flavor.

“For the tamarind juice, we make it in-house. For most people, I recommend to do the same. Buy a pack of tamarind, boil them in water, and then squeeze [and strain] them yourself. It takes a bit of work but it tastes so much better than the one in the bottle.”