Ursula Heinzelmann

Berlin-based writer and gastronome Ursula Heinzelmann on the history of Germany’s culinary traditions and recognizing each other through food, beyond borders.

Angèle Ferreux-Maeght

Parisian chef Angèle Ferreux-Maeght cooks food for people with love and intention, laying the foundation for good health, holism, and happiness.

Lindsey Tramuta

Journalist, author, and blogger Lindsey Tramuta on being at the intersection of French-American culture and how it informs her reflections on the evolution of Parisian city life.


Mary Scherpe

Stil in Berlin creator opens up about the values that shape the decisions she makes for her blog.

Tainá Guedes

Food Art Week founder Tainá Guedes on how she came to connect food, art, and activism to achieve awareness and sustainability.


Marie-Louise “Makki” Crona

Self-taught chef and owner of Okay Café on creating a Swedish home away from home through heartfelt attention to detail.

Ruth Bartlett

The creative mind behind Sweethearts Berlin recounts the ways she builds community in Berlin’s gastro scene.

Sandra Winkens

Berlin-based yoga instructor acquaints us with her Ayurvedic lifestyle for balance and mental clarity.