Destiny Dexter

Destiny Dexter’s venture Jabo Foods supplies vegan cookies to cafés, pop-ups, markets, and festivals in Berlin. It also tells the story of truly living one’s truth by revisiting one’s passion and reconnecting with this calling in a new city and country.

Dilek Topkara

“Everything was paid off with the cakes.” : Dilek Topkara is a spirited, self-made pastry chef and entrepreneur whose determination and warmth bridges communities in her Berlin bakery and café Dilekerei.

Mathilde de L’Ecotais

Paris-based Mathilde de L’Ecotais—a multi-disciplinary creative mind working at the junction of technology, innovation, education, and intuition—illuminates how we perceive and consume food, and gets us thinking about how we can protect the Earth and achieve social change.

Dalad Kambhu

In Berlin, Kin Dee’s founder and chef Dalad Kambhu celebrates Thai cuisine with exciting and inventive dishes while striving to set new standards in the industry.


Ash Lee

Berlin-based Shanghai born and raised chef Ash Lee brings addictively fiery and delicious flavors to Berlin, while exploring and redefining what makes Chinese food authentic.